Business Functions and Roles
  • 17 Jul 2021
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Business Functions and Roles

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App Process Modeler - Overview

The App Process Modeler is a canvas space that enables users to create Business Functions for a particular project.

It enables the users to effectively consolidate and group all visual elements that pertain to a function/role in a particular sequence.

What is a Business Function?

A business function consists of structured activities executed in a predetermined sequence by users (or systems) in their given roles.

The App Process Modeler provides a Canvas to model and build business functions along with all the encompassing activities that make up the business functions. The Business functions provide a graphical view of how a business task is carried out.

Why do we need a Business Function?

In an organization, Business Functions helps to perform operations effectively in order to implement its vision & objectives. Different sections, departments, or groups in an organization can define and build their individual "Business Functions" to achieve their goals.

How to create a new Business Function?

To create a new business function, click on + Business Function button on the Project Homepage.
Image 1.png

A pop-up will be displayed on the screen asking information about the Business Function.

The business function is given an appropriate name and description. This information is mandatory.
new business function.PNG

A Business Function can either be created from scratch or from an SAP ABAP Program.
scratch abap.png


This document displays a series of steps for creating Business Functions from Scratch.

Refer the Modernization document for understanding how to create Business Functions from SAP ABAP.

Adding a Role to the Business Function

Once the "create from Scratch" option is chosen, the user is redirected to the App Process Modeler canvas and prompted to create/select a new Role.

In the popup, a list of roles are displayed as a dropdown list with a search bar.

The user can either 1) select the existing role and click the Add Role button, or 2) Create a New Role by clicking the New Role button.

New role

If the user wishes to Add a new role, + New Role button is clicked.

In the popup, a new role is created by entering the Name and Description for the role and clicking the Create button.
tell us more about this role

Once added, the role is displayed on the drop-down list and can be added to the App Process Modeler canvas.

Steps in Creating Business Functions

A series of popups follow that requests for the App name and App type (workflow/ Non Workflow).
workflow non workflow


PR (Purchase Requests) is a sample App for descriptive purpose only

The next popup requests users to select workflow/non-workflow option for the Apps.


Current version supports only NON WORKFLOW Apps

In the next series of steps, the user must select the App type namely Online/Offline App and the Deployment platform for it.

Selecting the Application Type:
Application type

Selecting the Deployment Platform:
deployment platform


Online Apps can be deployed both in Mobile and Web

The final step requires the user to input the App Icon.
App icon upload


Only workflow Apps can have a menu.

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