Business Process Modeler
  • 28 May 2021
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Business Process Modeler

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What is a Business Process?

A business process is a collection of related, structured work performed in a specific sequence by employees of an organization to ultimately build and deliver goods and/or services.

It is an activity or set of activities that can accomplish a specific organizational goal. For any organization to run it’s business smoothly and effectively, it needs to have a predefined business process.

The EdgeReady Cloud provides a no-code Business Process Modeler (BPM) with tools and a Canvas to draw business process models i.e. a visual representation of the business process executed in the organization.

Why do we have a Business Process Modeler in the EdgeReady Cloud?

A business process model serves as a starting point for all the applications generated in the platform. This can be used as a central repository of all business processes across the organization that can eventually be used to build and deploy enterprise applications rapidly across the organization.

Since the EdgeReady Cloud provides a canvas to design the flow of the process, users need not rely on other drawing tools to design the processes required to build the application.

An effective BPM helps in analyzing, improving, and automating the business processes in an organization.

With the help of a structured process, the organization can:

  1. Identify what tasks are important to larger business goals and what tasks need to be shelved
  2. Improve efficiency, productivity, and maintain accuracy in the planning.
  3. Streamline communication between people/functions/departments and result in efficient utilization of all resources
  4. Set approvals at different hierarchical levels to ensure accountability and an optimum use of resources
  5. Standardize a set of procedures and define protocols to complete tasks that really matter to your business

In simple terms, the BPM serves as a guideline as to what should or shouldn't be included in the project.


In the EdgeReady Cloud, the BPM is non-executable and optional. Users can directly create applications from creating business functions without having to design a process.

BPM is highly recommended incase if the project is expected to expand in future and a better scalability is required.

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