EdgeReady Drive
  • 15 Jul 2021
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EdgeReady Drive

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It consists of all the Files and Folders with regard to the Project. There is a Library section to view all the Library Files.
drive 2.png

Folder Properties

On a single click of the folder, the folder properties window is displayed on the right side of the page.
drive properties.png

On double clicking the folder, a path within the drive is established to view the contents of the folder.
drive path.png

There is a storage information provided in the Drive Page that shows the available and used space for the particular Project.

Creating a Folder/ Uploading a File

In both the cases, there is an option to add a New Folder or Upload a File to a particular folder.

  1. To Add a New Folder, click the New Folder button. The following popup appears.
    new folder.png

The folder is given a name and chosen an appropriate access level.
2. To upload a file, click the Upload File button. The popup appears to add a file to the Drive within a particular folder.
upload file.png

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