First Time User Login
  • 06 Nov 2023
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First Time User Login

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Article summary

For first time users, once they attempt signing in with the username and temporary password, they are prompted to change to a new password.
Change Temporary Password

What is Password Policy?

A password policy is displayed while entering the new password. They are a set of rules to enhance computer security that are defined so that users can build strong passwords. 

When you create a password, it's essential that it's both strong and secure. The Password Policy in the Pillir platform provides guidelines to ensure your password meets certain standards. It's like a set of rules for creating a password to keep your account safe.

How does it work?

The platform allows customers to implement their ‘Password Policy’.
Password Criteria:

  • Minimum Length: Your password should be at least 6 characters long.
  • Lowercase Requirement: At least one letter should be lowercase (like a, b, c).
  • Uppercase Requirement: At least one letter in your password should be uppercase (like A, B, C).
  • Number Requirement: Your password should include at least one number (like 1, 2, 3).
  • Special Character Requirement: Include at least one special character, such as !, @, #, etc.

Once the above requirements are met, the icon changes from 🅧 to ✅.
After changing the password, the user is redirected to the login screen where they can enter their respective credentials and login with the new password.

This Password Policy is applicable only if you're using the EdgeReady platform's built-in login system (FM Authentication) to access the EdgeReady Platform.

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