How to Reset a Forgotten Password?
  • 22 Apr 2021
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How to Reset a Forgotten Password?

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if an existing user forgets their password, the user can reset the password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” option near the sign in button of the login page.

In the screen, the user has to Enter Username, Tenant ID and select the Environment; Once entered, the user has to click on the "Reset Password" Button.
reset Password screen

Following screen appears with a message asking users to check their e-mail. This is the email which was used at the time of user registration.
check email screen

The following steps explain the process for resetting a password.

  1. Go to 'Inbox' of your registered email service.

  2. Find an email from '' with subject line 'Reset Password'. This e-mail contains a link to reset the password and a temporary password.
    password reset email

  3. In the e-mail, find the link 'Reset Your Password' and click on the link.

  4. A Pillir EdgeReady Cloud log-in screen will appear. Enter Username, Tenant ID and select Environment.

  5. Enter the Temporary Password provided in the e-mail. and click on 'Sign-in' button.


Once logged in using Temporary Password, users are prompted to change the password to complete the password reset process.

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