Getting Started
  • 25 Apr 2023
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Getting Started

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EdgeReady Plugin Installation & Setup - Synopsis

The following activities are performed for the On-Premise deployment option:

  1. Download the EdgeReady Plugin.
  2. Install the EdgeReady Plugin on a Java Server.
  3. Revise the Firewall configuration to allow communication between EdgeReady Plugin and EdgeReady platform.
  4. Verify connectivity between the EdgeReady platform and source applications through the EdgeReady Plugin.
  5. Setup the tenant in the EdgeReady platform.
  6. Setup connections to requisite source applications.
  7. Start App development.
  8. Setup SSO - Setup trust between SAP NW Java and backend SAP ERP system (Optional Step)


System Requirements:

Software Requirements

  • SAP NetWeaver Version v7.2 or above

Hardware Requirements: (For 10-150 users)

  • CPU: 2x quad core 2.83 GHz processor or higher
  • RAM: 8GB or more
The above specifications are the minimum requirements for the EdgeReady Plugin. The actual hardware sizing depends on your specific App needs.

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