Phase II - Model & Design
  • 28 May 2021
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Phase II - Model & Design

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Article summary

The second phase of the implementation plan is the Model and Design phase where the implementation team will work to translate user requirements into a potential new App. It involves designing and building the App. The phase is primarily executed by Pillir with your appropriate feedback. The various activities carried out in this phase are:

  1. Define the App process using the App Process Modeler
  2. Enhance the App screens and User Interface using the App Designer
  3. Collaborate with the appropriate stakeholders for feedback
  4. Test the App across devices


The output of this phase is a fully functional App, with all the navigation elements, but with no data integration at this point. The App generated in this phase is constantly tweaked to match the backend data that is generated in the next phase, which is the Build and Integrate phase.

Pillir would expect a sign-off on the App before too much effort is spent on the next phase of integration and the backend logic.

Sequence of Events

Set up App Process in App Process ModelerPillir
Enhance App Screens and UI in App DesignerPillir
Build & complete UI developmentPillir
Collaborate and Provide feedbackCustomer
Test App across devicesPillir

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