Phase III - Build & Integrate
  • 28 May 2021
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Phase III - Build & Integrate

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Article summary

The third phase involves building the business logic of the proposed App. This also involves the integration of the business logic with the desired backend applications. It is an iterative process where the App’s User Interface may have to be tweaked appropriately to suit the backend data and logic that is being built and applied. The major portion of work in this phase is carried out by Pillir but with your team’s adequate support, particularly with respect to backend data and list of APIs. The major activities carried out in this phase are:

  1. Integrate with backend source applications in the Integration Builder
  2. Build business and integration logic in the App Behavior section
  3. Integrate the backend data to the App 
  4. Test the end-to-end App


The output of this phase is a fully functional, standalone App with all the backend data and logic and which is ready to be deployed on devices.

Sequence of Events

Setup integration with backend applicationsPillir
Build business and integration logicPillir
Integrate backend data with the AppsPillir
Test app end-to-endPillir
Collaborate and provide feedback on the AppCustomer

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