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  • 15 Jul 2021
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Project Home

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Every Project consists of the following Menu Items.

1. Home
2. Database
3. Drive
4. Import Logs
5. Settings

Home -

It is the Homepage of the Project. It consists of the Business Process Widget on the left and Business Function space on the centre.
Once the Apps are created, they are displayed in the section below the Business Process widget as EdgeReady Applications.
Image 1.png

A user can do the following actions in the Project Homepage.

  1. The user can create a business process and business functions for the respective project.
  2. Business Processes are created by clicking the Business Process widget on the left.

Please refer Business Process Modeler page for more detailed explanations on how to create a business Process.

  1. The homepage consists of the Project’s name and description as a Page title and the space to create a new Business Function using the + Business Function(s) button.
    project changed name.PNG

Please refer App Process Modeler for more details on Business Functions

  1. Also, there is an option to Share and Delete the Project on the Top left side of the Project Homepage.
    share and delete.png

Share and Delete Project

The Share option enables the user to share the Project across various users by controlling their access. The following popup appears when a user clicks the Share option.
Project permission

The Project is accessible to the users by selecting the checkbox and clicking on the Share button.

The delete option deletes the entire project, but can be retrieved in 24 hours. The following popup appears for deleting the Project.
delete project popup.PNG

Once a Project is deleted, it appears on the Projects homepage as follows. Once deleted, there is an option to retrieve the project within the next 24 hours.
project delete thumbnail.PNG

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