Simple Solutions to Common Problems
  • 19 Jul 2023
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Simple Solutions to Common Problems

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The Count() function used in Prepared Statement fails to retrieve count data matching the given criteria.Use of Alias in Select queryAlias-new
JSON extract query inside Prepared Statement returns a list with empty braces

Use of Alias in Select queryJson-extract


The following custom css script: float:right (to move a button component to the right of the Topbar)
does not work in the Topbar component of the App Designer.
Use the following custom css script:
1 float: right;
2 margin-left: auto;



ScenarioProblemSolution Reference
A Page comprises of two Select components mapped to two tables A and B respectively. In the UI, based on the value from table A, a set of values from table B is filtered and displayed. Whenever table A value changes the corresponding values from table B must be filtered (using the FILTER condition) and displayed.The first select component is clicked and a value is chosen. When the second select component is clicked, the filtered values are observed as expected. If the selection in first select component changes, the second select component displays an empty list.Reset the Table B values from a master copy of Table B.Add a copy script in change event of the first Select component. Now, each time selection from Table A changes, the Table B is filtered from the original master data.
NAFor the Topbar and Footer component, the Heading is left-aligned by default. The user cannot center-align the Heading.To center-align the Heading, the following workaround can be done:
  1. Add a topbar component.
  2. Delete the default Heading sub-component within the topbar.
  3. Insert a Grid component inside the topbar.
  4. Modify the Grid component properties, to have only one row.
  5. Add a Text component inside the grid.
  6. In Text component properties, under Text properties, click the center-align icon to align the Text to center.
How to center align heading

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