v6.4.52 - 11/18/2023
  • 05 Jan 2024
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v6.4.52 - 11/18/2023

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Article Summary

Release Status: The Feature Updates and Fixed Issues listed here are in Production - Production environment.


This Release notes document primarily describes Feature Updates and Fixed issues for v6.4.52 of the EdgeReady platform.


The scope of the document is restricted to describing the feature updates, fixed issues, known issues and deployment instructions(if any). It does not cover the resolution methods.

System Requirements

  • Supported Desktop Browser for EdgeReady Platform: Google Chrome v116 or higher
  • Supported Browsers for EdgeReady Web Apps: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari
  • For EdgeReady Mobile Apps: Android 13 or higher / iOS 12 or higher

Feature Update

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End User Sign-Up enabled via EdgeReady Apps for FM Authentication

  • Create a User with a Password (skip initial password)
  • Reset Password

EdgeReady App, Tenants have the option to set a password and can use the same to login in to the Apps.

This feature update involves changes to the 'Create User' and 'Update User' blocks in the Integration Builder:

Create User (This is applicable for User-sign-up feature)

  • If a value is passed for the Password - it becomes the actual password for the end-user to log in to the application.
  • If a value is not passed for the Password - A temporary password is generated for the user to login to the application.createuser

Update User (This is applicable for 'Change Password' feature)

If a value is passed for the Password - it becomes the actual password for the end-user to log in to the application.

The User Sign-Up/Change Password functionality is applicable only if FM authentication is used in the ER platform.


Fixed Issues

1User-IP address and User Device Type not showing up in the User Logs screen
The Administration > User Logs screen was not displaying details such as the IP address and Device Type in the User Agent column.
2Support for Android version 13 Mobile Apps in the EdgeReady platform
Note: Google Pixel support is limited

Known Issues

1SAP BOS Mapping Issue

When a business function variable is mapped to the SAP input table, it requires all the columns in the BF table variable to be mapped, if not it doesn't work. 


SAP data comes in wrong sequence

When a functional module is run, to get data from SAP, some of the records are missing their sequence.

Support for iOS version 17 Mobile Apps in the EdgeReady platform

5In iOS devices, background sync is not working as expected in the EdgeReady AppsThe user uploads data in an offline app from an iOS device. The data is uploaded in offline mode. When the device is online, the data must be uploaded to the platform DB even if the ER App is in background mode. But the data was not synced as expected.
6Google Pixel 13 SupportCamera support is not available for Pixel  


For the EdgeReady Platform - Only Google Chrome is supported.

For additional information on the EdgeReady platform, refer the following link:

EdgeReady Platform Userguide

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