v6.4.67 - 02/20/2024
  • 24 Mar 2024
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v6.4.67 - 02/20/2024

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Article Summary

Release Status: The Feature Updates and Fixed Issues listed here are in the Production - Production environment.


This Release notes document primarily describes Feature Updates and Fixed issues for v6.4.67 of the EdgeReady platform.


The scope of the document is restricted to describing the feature updates, fixed issues, known issues and deployment instructions(if any). It does not cover the resolution methods.

System Requirements

  • Supported Desktop Browser for EdgeReady Platform: Google Chrome v116 or higher
  • Supported Browsers for EdgeReady Web Apps: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari
  • For EdgeReady Mobile Apps: Android 13 or higher / iOS 17 or higher

Feature Update

NoFeature DescriptionVersion

No Features releasedv6.4.67

Fixed Issues

1Issue with filename size of File Upload component
The File Upload component encounters an error if the filename exceeds 60 characters in length.
Long filename support has been extended from 60 to 100 characters now.
2In some cases work items show a timestamp of -1 seconds
Workitems displayed on the Worklist Page display negative timestamps in certain cases due to time discrepancies between different machines. Essentially, the timestamp reflects a time gap between task submission and execution.
3Login screens show a spinner after changing the Authentication mechanismv6.4.67
4Ability to lock App screen Orientation mode

Known Issues

1The .svg file format is not supported for App icon uploadCurrently, this file format support is not available.
2SAP BOS Mapping Issue

When a business function variable is mapped to the SAP input table, it requires all the columns in the BF table variable to be mapped, if not it doesn't work. 


For the EdgeReady Platform - Only Google Chrome is supported.

For additional information on the EdgeReady platform, refer the following link:

EdgeReady Platform Userguide

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