Managing the EdgeReady Platform
  • 11 Dec 2023
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Managing the EdgeReady Platform

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Article Summary

How do I manage and regulate the EdgeReady Platform?

The Administration module serves as the central command of the EdgeReady platform, providing essential functionalities for effective platform management. You must have a Tenant-Admin user role to access and work in this module.

Why is the Administration Settings important in the EdgeReady Cloud?

Administrator settings are important for the secure and reliable use of the EdgeReady platform. They allow tenant administrators to:

  • Control who has access to the platform and what they can do
  • Monitor user activity to detect and prevent unauthorized access
  • Manage users and roles
  • Integrate with third-party systems and plugins to extend the functionality of the platform

What actions can I perform in the Administration module?

Set Organization Information - In this window, you enter basic information of the organization such as name, tenant ID, currency, timezone etc. 

Set Password Policy  - The preferred password policy for each tenant can be designed and implemented as per requirement.

Configure Session Settings - Permits the setting of session validity for user logins.

Configure Authentication mechanisms - These settings determine the authentication mechanisms available for users to login and access the EdgeReady platform. 

Manage Users and Roles - Facilitates the viewing and managing users and their roles, including activities like user creation, role assignment, and other actions.

Monitor User Logs - Monitors and registers user activities for security and auditing purposes.

Manage Integrations - Configure settings associated with third-party servers and plugins, enhancing the platform's capabilities.

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