• 03 Jan 2023
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The SAP database requires a plugin and adapter to be configured in the Administration->Integrations tab. For servers like Salesforce, the data retrieval is query-related. Whereas, in the SAP server, data is fetched using Functions and not queries. A unique feature of EdgeReady Platform is that the user can access the non-remote functions through the SAP block.

The data is not retrieved in the form of tables. They are fetched in Key-value pairs. 

The SAP action blocks are: 

  • Commit
  • Rollback
  • Start Transaction
  • Stop Transaction

There is a select plugin option for the SAP block. The plugin is mandatory for SAP blocks.

If RFC connection is enabled in the adapter configuration, the password is not required in the plugin lane.

 All the SAP operations are carried out in the plugin lane. They are explained below:

SAP Block DescriptionSAP Blocks on Canvas


It is a standard application interface that enables the EdgeReady server to access SAP.

The user provides the following details:

  • When the plugin and adapter are selected by the user, the username is displayed in the first oval box and the user is prompted to enter the password in the second oval box.
  • Select yes/no for Include Non-Remote FM(yes-Enables user to access Non-Remote BAPI functions)
  • Select the required function from the BAPI/RFC dropdown list. 
  • Select the Input and Output parameters from the respective dropdown lists.
  • Drag and drop the input and output variables in the oval boxes. 
    The BAPI block does not accept table variables in its Input and Output parameters. Each column from the table must be copied into a variable and then added to the parameters field.


Commit saves data permanently to the database after a set of tentative changes. A commit ends a transaction and allows all other users to see the changes.


Roll Back

Rollback helps to restore values to previous values by negating recent changes. It undoes all recent changes and restores the database and updates.  


Start/Stop Transaction: 

A function call can be started or stopped using the Start/Stop Transaction Blocks.

If a Start Transaction is used, then a Stop Transaction must also be used.

SAP-start-stop transaction-new

EXAMPLE: How does a typical SAP block function in real-time?

  • For a given function, the plugin and adapter are selected and credentials are entered. 
  • BAPI/RFC is included for non-remote FM and the BAPI/RFC is selected. 
  • The respective input and output variables with their functional properties and values (table column values) are dragged and dropped. 
  • The values are parsed into the respective input and output columns of the table. 



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